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Seymour Duncan

Seymour Duncan ZS-1s Zephyr Silver Humbucker Pickup Set Zebra (Neck 7.5K; Bridge 8.1K)

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Seymour Duncan ZS-1s Zephyr Silver Humbucker Pickup Set Zebra

Born from a challenge to build the absolute best! A no cost or materials contrained development, these pickups are made in extremely limited quantities using silver wire instead of the traditional copper. The results are astounding providing unprecedented clarity, vibrant harmonics, and incredible dynamics.

If you have been looking for the absolute best, look no further as this premium offering will give you more of everything:

  • Fatter Mids
  • Fuller Yet Tighter Lows
  • More Highs
  • Exceptional Harmonics
  • Incredible Dynamics


  • Make: Seymour Duncan Custom Shop
  • Model: ZS-1s Zephyr Silver Humbucker Pickup Set
  • Year: 2023
  • Finish: Zebra
  • Magnet: Alnico 5
  • Neck DC Resistance: 7.5K
  • Bridge DC Resistance: 8.1K
  • Condition: Brand New

Silver Wire Coils Known as "The Great Conductor" among metals, silver and silver-plated wire's sonic excellence is well established in high fidelity audio applications, including moving coil phono cartridges, vacuum tube amplifier output transformers and cabling. Just as silver in audio makes music reproduction more convincing and alive, in pickup coils it gives your guitar punchier, jumpier, burstier feel with harmonically dense, dripping tone.

Nickel and Stainless Steel Bi-Metallic Pole Pieces Combining these two premier transformer metals to shape and focus the magnetic field disturbed by your guitar's vibrating strings further contributes to the vivid, energetic sound of Zephyr Silver.

Glass Fiberfill Nylon Bobbin Every dialectric material imparts its own sonic properties. In listening tests of new, more stable bobbin materials, we chose glass-filled nylon for slight advantages in definition and detail, as well as excellent material stability and consistent finish.

Cryogenic Treatment Supercooling materials renders permanent improvement to their grain structure. Also an established enhancement in high-end audio, where cable, vacuum tubes and even entire electronic components are cryogenically treated for improvements in clarity and realism, we achieved similar results for guitar tone by cryogenically treating completed pickups, copper and silver alike. Cryogenic treatment enhances string definition and boosts the "way huge" potential of your guitar.